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know they're breaking glass with customers

They just don’t know where and how much pain this causes customers.

Our Voice of Customer research captures the real words, real emotions and human insights to drive the strategies and actions that transform how you engage with customers.


Experience (CX) Challenges
We Solve

We work closely with your team to develop the most effective and customized Voice of Customer (VoC) research strategies and interview guides.

We design the VoC research to address client challenges such as how to:


How your customers articulate their customer journeys and when and how they want you to provide value.

Value of potential new services and products.


Customers to opt-in and self-profile preferences to drive truly personalized Customer Experiences


Customer Experiences that help the relationship as well as those that “break glass” with your customers.

Human Data insights, including self-described “personality types” to drive effective segmentation and personalization.


Omnichannel value with your: Web, Social, Email, Mail, Customer Service, Sales, Tech Support and Stores.


Clients & Results

ERDM Helps Fortune and Growth Companies Achieve Double-Digit Response and Revenue Increases



2X increase in revenue

95% email opt-in rate increase


32% increase  
in product evaluation


5X increase in response

94% higher open rate


50% increase in renewals
ECHO award winner


Our Voice of Customer (VoC) Research Methodology 


Our team of former CMOs conduct hour long research interviews to generate actionable, high impact, CX and personalization strategies for clients.

Our specialized VoC research provides a uniquely deep, human, objective, and actionable understanding of your customers and prospects regarding 4 CX essentials:

1. HIgh value Engagement 

Required to evolve from transactional relationships to high value engagement driven by a deep understanding of customers' CX requirements.

2. Value propositions

For engaging customers and prospects to self-profile their preferences in exchange for highly personalized communications, offers, and experiences. 

3. Customer Lifecycle Engagement 

How customers define high value engagement across their lifecycle with your brand. And, the authentic messaging that's necessary. 

4. Optimized media mix

How your audience wants you to optimize web, digital, social, email/mail, phone, inside sales, field sales, tech, and stores.

To discuss how VoC resarch can help inform your CX strategies, contact us.


3-Phases of Our
VoC Research


Throughout our 3-phase VoC process, we work closely with clients to define high value objectives for your research, create the interview guide(s) and select the optimal research sample.

Weekly debriefs with clients provide a unique opportunity to evaluate real-time learnings, listen to recordings of interviews, and make immediate revisions to interview guides to probe new areas of value.

Here's a closer look at our VoC process:




Define Objectives, Strategies, and Develop Interview Guides

Work closely with clients to define VoC objectives and optimal research sample.

Prepare Interview Guides with deep CX probes and questions.

"Ernan has pioneered an impressive Voice of Customer process that enables marketers to engage customers on their terms."

Philip Kotler, Kellogg School of Management




Conduct In-Depth Interviews

Hour-long telephone research interviews conducted by ERDM Senior Strategists, who are former CMOs. Ernan Roman, President, conducts many of the interviews.

Weekly debriefs with clients to share evolving insights and determine additional areas of exploration and real time testing of new strategies.




Develop Research-based Strategies and Action Plans

We provide much more than research findings. Given our deep CX expertise, we deliver a comprehensive management report which includes:

  • 40% of the report: Analysis of VoC findings.
  • 60% of the report: Detailed and actionable VoC-driven Strategy Recommendations and Action Plans.

Our VoC research findings are so powerful that clients often ask us to present them to their executive leadership team.


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  • Why customers are willing to provide deep explicit preference data in exchange for “smart and authentic” personalization.

  • How MassMutual used customer insights to develop explicit preference data-based personalization, resulting in a 5X increase in response.


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You know the saying, "two heads are better than one"? For many companies, this phrase is playing out in new marketing partnerships which allow for better consumer experiences than either company could provide on their own.



Interview by Ernan Roman Featured on

Jeff Rosenfeld is the vice president of customer insight and analytics for The Neiman Marcus Group, where he is responsible for leveraging analytics to drive revenue. His team focuses on personalization, web analytics, media-mix attribution, product and customer insight, and business intelligence.



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Amanda Manna is a true innovation leader. As head of narrative and partnerships of Lowe’s Innovation Labs, she oversees the team responsible for innovation strategy, an extensive applied neuroscience research program, partnerships, and marketing and communications.



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GE Vice President and Chief Communications Officer Deirdre Latour, noted in regards to the company’s restructuring, that there is “no longer a divide between internal and external communications.



"When HP uses the Voice of Customer methodology, our marketing campaign results improve dramatically: response rates improve 3 times to 10 times, sales increase 2 times or more, and we can spend far less to get great results. When we don’t use VoC, our results can suffer greatly."

— Garry Dawson

Americas Advertising and Direct Marketing Manager, Hewlett-Packard

"Ernan has captured the essence...namely that Voice of the Customer drives the best marketing strategies and generates the highest results. By using VoC driven strategies, Xerox has deepened customer engagement to a level we never imagined possible."

Mike milligan

Vice President, Marketing, North American Reseller Sales, Xerox Corporation

"Ernan’s VoC methodology is a timely prescription for helping companies create customer trust and loyalty and increase           long-term profits in a sustainable way."

— John Hunter

EVP Customer Fulfillment Services, QVC

"Ernan is a leading expert in creating disciplined Voice of Customer-driven marketing processes." 

— Fred Neil

Global Head of CRM, Dell