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Our Deliverables
and Action Plans


ERDM provides more than research findings. Given our extensive marketing expertise, we also deliver a detailed management report (80-100 pages) based on the deep insights we have gained about your customers and prospects during the hour-long interviews. Our management reports contain actionable marketing strategies and action plans to help you improve customer engagement, loyalty and lifetime value.

Our VoC research findings are so powerful that clients often ask us to present them to their executive leadership team.

OUr VoC learnings are designed to help You develop:

  1. Fixes for unexpected CX barriers identified in the research.


  1. More effective customer engagement across the entire customer life cycle.
  1. New products or services to satisfy unmet needs.


  1. Repositioning of messaging and offers to better address customer needs.
  1. Strategies to engage customers to opt in and self-profile preferences in order to receive higher quality personalization and CX.

To discuss how VoC research can help address your CX challenges, contact us.


Clients & Results

Opt-in rates 95% and revenue increased 2x

94% higher open rate, 200% increase in response

Increased renewals 50% & ECHO award winner

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VoC Marketing

Published by McGraw Hill
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"This book keeps the Golden Rule of Marketing at the core of everything: Listen to your customers. It sounds so simple, but it is an art that many marketers have lost in recent years."

SENIOR DIRECTOR, Microsoft Corporation


DMA Hall of Fame

Inducted into DMA Hall of Fame due to results
clients achieve with ERDM’s VoC-based strategies. 

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