The Tablet Revolution: 3 Marketing Takeaways

THE CHALLENGE: The rise of tablet computers (such as the iPad) has changed the playing field in profound ways for marketers ... and those who do not adapt to the new environment quickly will miss important opportunities in the marketplace.

Eye-opening research from Adobe and Bizrate/Forrester provides the following insights:
Smart Phone Expectations
from BizRateInsights
⇒ Usage of tablet computers is on the rise. Recently, the size of this user sector shot up from 9% to 12% in just one month, following the introduction of the iPad 2. Current research suggests that 26% of computer users who do not own a tablet computer now plan to buy one within a year. (Bizrate/Forrester.)
⇒ Tablet buyers have desirable demographics. These buyers tend to have higher household incomes, and are more likely belong to the Baby Boomer or Generation X groups, than computer users who do not own tablets. (Bizrate/Forrester.)
⇒ Tablet users buy more online. Tablet owners who visited e-commerce websites spent 54% more per purchase, than smartphone visitors ... and 21% more than desktop or laptop visitors. (Adobe Systems.)
Read these three key takeaways for marketers based on recent Voice of Customer research conducted by our company and the findings above:
Ernan Roman Insight's Blog
1Expand your mix of marketing channels. Multiple, integrated points of contact with your customers are now essential ... and if at least one of those points of contact isn't a platform that's specifically designed for ease of use with a mobile device, you're probably frustrating some part of your customer base.
Learn how your customers and prospects use tablets and other mobile devices.Through direct interviews, social media feedback, and other communication channels, find out how your customers and prospects are using mobile and tablet devices relative to other elements of the media mix, such as the web, email, social media, direct mail, CSR’s, retail, etc.
You should also analyze usage patterns to determine whether tablet/mobile purchases areincreasing your revenue stream ... or cannibalizing previous sales that came in via other media.
3Consider investing in an app. If your VoC feedback indicates that customers would value and use an app, consider creating and testing an app that makes it easier for consumers to interact with, and buy from you.
Among consumers who used their tablet for online shopping, 56% downloaded a shopping app. (Bizrate/Forrester.)