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Don't Use CRM to Automate Bad Behaviors
Many companies are focusing so heavily on their CRM technology that they are losing focus on why they embarked on CRM and preference-center initiatives in the first place…
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MassMutual's Customer-Led Marketing Revamp
Even a market leader has to find ways to stand out…often the best differentiator is customer experience. This article, reprinted from the Direct Marketing News ( website.

Ernan featured as Spotlight columnist for Direct Marketing News

The Sales Funnel is Dead
We all grew up with the traditional sales funnel. Well, it's dead. A circle of continuous engagement is born. This article, reprinted from the Direct Marketing News ( website.

"Unmarketing" to Increase Customer Loyalty
Today's consumers expect honesty, authenticity, and integrity when dealing with a company. This article, reprinted from the Direct Marketing News ( website.

Is Bad Service Undermining Your Marketing?
Beware of planting seeds that lead to disastrous customer service--and negative word of mouth. This article, reprinted from the Direct Marketing News ( website.

BIG Data Must Create BIG Experiences
For consumers, personalization is the true value of providing personal preference data. This article, reprinted from the Direct Marketing News ( website.

Consumers Want "Reciprocity of Value"
Customers are willing to share personal information in exchange for what they consider communications and offers of equal value. This article, reprinted from the Direct Marketing News ( website.

How Do Customers Define Customer Experience Marketing?
New research findings reveal what customers expect from a high-value customer experience. This article, reprinted from the Direct Marketing News ( website.

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Preference Centers: Are CMOs Overlooking Their Importance? Feature story.

Critical recommendations from execs regarding preference center functions and experiences.
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Is Your Preference Center Hurting Your Customer Experience? Feature story.

For many consumers, preference centers presumably designed to engage them are, in fact, alienating them.
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Demand For Personalization Reframes Privacy Concerns
The debate regarding data privacy has been heated. However, missing from much of the conversation is this critical point: How do people feel about privacy of their data if they trust the brand and receive meaningful value in exchange for sharing their B2B or B2C information? This article, reprinted from the website.

It's All Integrated Marketing Now, Say Speakers at Integrated Marketing Week
The economy has reached a post-industrial stage that is changing the way consumers relate and turning all customer contact into integrated marketing. This article, reprinted from the website.

Voice Activated
This article, reprinted from the Direct Marketing News ( website, anyalyzes the necessity for companies to move towards Customer Centricity using Voice of Customer (VoC), and how to increase customer satisfaction.

Celebrate Data Innovation...Then Defend It With All Your Might
In this article, reprinted from the Direct Marketing News ( website, there is a discussion of tactics for data innovation, and the amazing opportunities for marketers.

Consumers Choose Companies That Engage Them
Watch this video of Ernan Roman delivering the Keynote at Customer Experience Summit, 9/19/12.

Preferences, Privacy, And Personalization
In this article, reprinted from, Ernan Roman discusses how companies have achieved double-digit increases in response and revenue as a result of implementing VoC-driven strategies and action plans.

Why You Should be at DMA2012 [VIDEO]
Direct Marketing legend, Ernan Roman, who was inducted into the DMA Hall of Fame last year, and will be back this year to bring his expertise to DMA2012.

7 Best Practices for Transforming Service Transactions into Valuable Customer Experiences
For today's empowered customers - whether B2B or B2C - customer service is more important than ever before. This is especially true of socially-connected customers. In this article, reprinted from the Human Capital Review website, Ernan Roman outlines the seven best practices for transforming service transactions into valuable customer experiences.

3 Steps to Voice of the Customer Personalization 2.0: Ernan Roman Answers Your Webinar Questions
An article written by Thorin McGee of Target Marketing Magazine, with an excerpt of an interview with Ernan Roman.

The Big Qs of 2012: How you answer these questions will shape your business for the next year and beyond
An article written by Thorin McGee of Target Marketing Magazine, about the possible future of marketing in 2012.

Increasing Customer Retention: 4 Voice Of Customer Strategies
Knowledge Resources: An article written by Ernan Roman titled, Increasing Customer Retention: 4 Voice Of Customer Strategies, providing four best strategies for utilizing the Voice of the Customer.

Honoring Big Ideas
The DMA Conference Magazine: Induction of Ernan Roman into DMA’s Marketing Hall of Fame, October 4, 2011 at the DMA Annual Conference. "DMA Hall of Fame inducts 100th and 101st members: Ernan Roman and Michael Bronner". Click to see the PDF.

The Voice of Your Customer: GPS for Your Company During Tough Times
The Marketing Forum: Industry Report written by Ernan Roman titled, The Voice of Your Customer: GPS for your Company During Tough Times, providing four best practices to promote customer retention.

Break from the Acquisition Cult
Opinion piece in Direct Marketing News titled Break from the Acquisition Cult. The best way to make increased loyalty and retention a reality is to create Reciprocity of Value-based relationships with customers.

Top Mistakes Direct Marketers Make
An article posted by, titled: Top Mistakes Direct marketers Make; compiles a list, from marketing experts, that contains common mistakes from almost every aspect of direct marketing.

The Data Implications of Do Not Track
An article posted by, titled: The Data Implications of Do Not Track; companies must take a strategic look at online data use in this Do Not Track-sensitive environment.

How Dannon Cultured Multichannel Marketing
An article posted by, titled: How Dannon Cultured Multichannel Marketing discussing Dannon's recent marketing strategies.

Do You Trust Your Customers?
Ernan’s article in Sales and Service Excellence, titled: Do You Trust Your Customers? The article provides 5 steps to help you re-think your marketing.

Target That Marketing
An article in Investor’s Business Daily which discusses Ernan's book "Voice of the Customer Marketing".

Obtaining consumer data to drive marketing campaigns ‘relies on trust’
An article on referencing Ernan on getting useful customer data by gaining their trust.

Top 10 Challenges for Corporate CEOs in 2011
An article on by Sheryl Nance-Nash, with information from Ernan on the power of the customer in today's economy.

Don’t You Want To Do Real Marketing?
Read the marketing manifesto by Ernan entitled: Don't You Want To Do Real Marketing? Published by 800-CEO-Read.

Using the Customer’s Voice to Drive Marketing Performance: An Interview With Ernan Roman
Bob Thompson interviews direct marketing innovator Ernan Roman, author of Voice- of-the-Customer Marketing about his five-step process to increase marketing.

Voice of the Customer Marketing
The Book Trib post about our Voice of the Customer Marketing book, with a video of Ernan at the DMA conference.

Let Customers Be Your Guide: Voice-of-the-Customer research helps HMS National lift retention and become a thought leader in its industry
A cover article from Target Marketing about HMS National and their use of Voice-Of-The-Customer to answer their questions about their customers' expectations. Written by Thorin McGee.

The Sweet Spot: Finding the ‘voice’ of the customer
A blog post discussing Ernan's view of 'the close' in marketing. ZoomInfo a news and information hub for sales and marketing executives, blog written by editor Matthew Schwartz. An Excerpt from Voice-of-the-Customer Marketing highlights a blog post from that talks about the book Voice-of-the-Customer Marketing.

Stop the Marketing Waste!
A blog post on 1TO1MEDIA.COM written by Ginger Conlon about marketing strategies using Voice-of-the-Customer Relationship Marketing.

Using Voice-of-the-Customer Relationship Marketing to Drive Sales
An article written by Ernan Roman for TARGETMARKETING.COM on Voice-of-the-Customer Relationship Marketing.

Listening (more closely) to voice of the customer
A post ZoomInfo’s blog, a news and information hub for sales and marketing executives, written by editor Matthew Schwartz.

Ernan Roman on Voice of Customer Marketing
An interview with Ernan Roman by Denise Lee Yoh covering topics such as - treating customers the way we want to be treated - the difference between passive permission-based marketing and active opt-in marketing. (Link available to a podcast of the interview.)

The Voice-of-the-Customer 3-Dimensional Web Experience
Consumer research has revealed that customers want a different kind of web experience than they're getting.

Fueling Multichannel Marketing Program Sales Through the Voice of Customers – The Email Institute
Marketers must engage in socially responsible marketing. One way to do that is to leverage the “voice of customers.” Companies need to understand customers’ needs, wants, their decision-making process and their expectations...

How to Increase Sales 20% by Deploying Your Multichannel Mix Per "Voice of the Customer" Media and Channel Preferences – dmPULSE
An article written by Ernan Roman discussing the critical points addressed in his seminar at the DM Days Conference.

Make voice of the customer marketing more than just a slogan – DirectConnect
DirectConnect interviews Ernan Roman, president of Ernan Roman Direct Marketing, about the power of "voice of the customer marketing."

Who is in the Center of the Universe? – Point, a DMA Publication
In today’s astonishingly connected environment, the center of our world as marketers is now, inescapably, the individual customer. And thanks to the customer’s access to cell phones, the Internet, and social media, expectations for an empowered, engaged relationship with the marketer are getting stronger by the day.

Customer Relationships are 12 Times More Powerful than Customer Satisfaction in Driving Purchases per New CRM Market Research – AMA
In this economy, Customer Satisfaction is expected. Customer Engagement and Customer Relationships (CRM), are the factors which drive purchases, per market research findings.

Microsoft Gains Insight From Small-Business Clients – Direct Magazine
Microsoft achieves click-through rates of 75% with small businesses.

Your Song, Your Price – Direct Magazine
Think downloading music is nothing more than paying for a tune? Not so fast. A social networking website developed a breakthrough customer relationship management strategy by which customers set the prices.

Avoiding Customer Relationship Manipulation – Direct Magazine
Recently I received yet another stream of e-mails and phone calls seeking to “add value” to my relationship with the seller. It quickly became apparent that these were nothing more than poorly executed sales pitches posturing as relationship marketing.

DMNews spends a few minutes with Ernan Roman, president of Ernan Roman Direct Marketing
Progressive Hydraulics is a distributor of hydraulic and pneumatic products. They recently increased response rates 10x as part of a program of innovative customer relationship management solutions which are focused on doubling PHI's sales over the next 5 years.

Take Steps to Mend Telemarketing – DM News
As a second-generation direct marketer, sadly, I cannot say that the quality of the telephone customer experience has improved significantly over the past 30 years.

GLOVES OFF: How crucial are returns policies to CRM? – DM News
Who in the world would argue against a strong return policy?

How to Improve Your Customer Service Call Center So You Can Achieve Double-Digit Response Rates – Business Informer
Poor Customer Service is Not Company or Industry Specific

"Relationship Marketing Expert Ernan Roman Introduces 7-Point Customer Service Bill of Rights – Yahoo News

A recent national survey conducted by Ernan Roman Direct Marketing has generated important findings which quantify the significant damage resulting from poor Customer Service Call Center experiences.

"Making Companies Pay for Bad Service"
Washington Post Article

"How To Keep Them Opted In?"- Direct Newsline
Want to hold on to your opt-ins? Then respect their channel preferences and learn how to take no for an answer.

"The Role of Direct Mail Within the Integrated Media Mix"- United States Postal Service
An important white paper written for the United States Postal Service.

"Five Questions: Ernan Roman on Opt-In Marketing"- DMA Bottom Line

From the DMA Bottom Line newsletter Ernan addresses 5 key questions regarding Consensual / Opt-In Marketing:

  1. What is the Consensual Marketing Opt-In Process?
  2. How is this different than Permission Marketing?
  3. How is this different than Customer Relationship Management?
  4. What are the advantages to marketers?
  5. What are the results?
New Book Release: Voice Of The Customer Marketing
"This is the definitive playbook for this new customer-driven era."
—Frank Eliason
Senior Director, National Customer Operations, Comcast
"Thank you, Ernan, for tuning us in to the inner voice of our customers! A deep understanding of our customers' needs and preferences is essential for our future growth."
—Karen Galley
President, Patient News Publishing