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Call Center Re-Engineering

Re-Engineering Call Centers to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences

Ernan Roman Direct Marketing is acknowledged as a leader in re-engineering call centers to provide customers and prospects with competitively differentiating service and value. Call or contact centers are an essential component of the multichannel customer experience. Our specialty is fine-tuning your call center to maximize customer value.

Ernan Roman Direct Marketing's Call Center Philosophy

Our philosophy is to view every inbound call as a gift to your call center, an opportunity to delight the customer and cement the relationship. High value out-bound calls to qualified, opt-in names are uniquely powerful in generating significant incremental response. The value of each customer or prospect contact with your call centers cannot be underestimated. We will develop and implement a unique call center strategy tailored to the exact needs of your business and customer base. The case studies of our loyal clients are proof positive that our call center customer relationship management strategies will produce remarkable results, providing exceptional customer experiences with a guaranteed profit and high ROI.

"Poor Customer Care Center Experiences Hurt Company Image and Customer Trust"

Contains results from ERDM's research regarding the magnitude of damage resulting from negative


Customer Care Call Center experiences. Findings include:

  • 66% of recent experiences are negative to neutral
  • Negative experiences result in:
    • 95% negative perception of the company
    • 86% reduction in repeat purchase likelihood
    • 83% reduction in likelihood to recommend the company
New Book Release: Voice Of The Customer Marketing
"When HP uses the Voice of Customer methodology, our marketing campaign results improve dramatically: response rates improve 3 times to 10 times, sales increase 2 times or more, and we can spend far less to get great results. When we don’t use VOC, our results can suffer greatly."
—Gary Dawson
Americas Advertising and Direct Marketing Manager, Hewlett-Packard
"Ernan is a leading expert in creating disciplined Voice of Customer–driven marketing processes. If you want to move from just talking about VOC to being a leader in implementing it, you must read this book."
—Fred Neil
Global Head of CRM, Dell