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November 22, 2017
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Customer Relationship Marketing

News & Articles

NEWS AND ARTICLESErnan Roman on Voice of Customer Marketing
An interview with Ernan Roman by Denise Lee Yoh covering topics such as - treating customers the way we want to be treated - the difference between passive permission-based marketing and active opt-in marketing. (Link available to a podcast of the interview.)

NEWS AND ARTICLESThe Voice-of-the-Customer 3-Dimensional Web Experience
Consumer research has revealed that customers want a different kind of web experience than they're getting.

NEWS AND ARTICLESFueling Multichannel Marketing Program Sales Through the Voice of Customers – The Email Institute
Marketers must engage in socially responsible marketing. One way to do that is to leverage the “voice of customers.” Companies need to understand customers’ needs, wants, their decision-making process and their expectations...

NEWS AND ARTICLESHow to Increase Sales 20% by Deploying Your Multichannel Mix Per “Voice of the Customer” Media and Channel Preferences – dmPULSE
An article written by Ernan Roman discussing the critical points addressed in his seminar at the DM Days Conference.

NEWS AND ARTICLESMake voice of the customer marketing more than just a slogan – DirectConnect
DirectConnect interviews Ernan Roman, president of Ernan Roman Direct Marketing, about the power of “voice of the customer marketing.”

NEWS AND ARTICLESWho is in the Center of the Universe? – Point, a DMA Publication
In today’s astonishingly connected environment, the center of our world as marketers is now, inescapably, the individual customer. And thanks to the customer’s access to cell phones, the Internet, and social media, expectations for an empowered, engaged relationship with the marketer are getting stronger by the day.

NEWS AND ARTICLESCustomer Relationships are 12 Times More Powerful than Customer Satisfaction in Driving Purchases per New CRM Market Research – AMA
In this economy, Customer Satisfaction is expected. Customer Engagement and Customer Relationships (CRM), are the factors which drive purchases, per market research findings.

NEWS AND ARTICLESMicrosoft Gains Insight From Small-Business Clients – Direct Magazine
Microsoft achieves click-through rates of 75% with small businesses.

NEWS AND ARTICLESYour Song, Your Price – Direct Magazine
Think downloading music is nothing more than paying for a tune? Not so fast. A social networking website developed a breakthrough customer relationship management strategy by which customers set the prices.

NEWS AND ARTICLESAvoiding Customer Relationship Manipulation – Direct Magazine
Recently I received yet another stream of e-mails and phone calls seeking to “add value” to my relationship with the seller. It quickly became apparent that these were nothing more than poorly executed sales pitches posturing as relationship marketing.

NEWS AND ARTICLESDMNews spends a few minutes with Ernan Roman, president of Ernan Roman Direct Marketing
Progressive Hydraulics is a distributor of hydraulic and pneumatic products. They recently increased response rates 10x as part of a program of innovative customer relationship management solutions which are focused on doubling PHI's sales over the next 5 years.

NEWS AND ARTICLESTake Steps to Mend Telemarketing – DM News
As a second-generation direct marketer, sadly, I cannot say that the quality of the telephone customer experience has improved significantly over the past 30 years.

NEWS AND ARTICLESGLOVES OFF: How crucial are returns policies to CRM? – DM News
Who in the world would argue against a strong return policy?

NEWS AND ARTICLESImprove your customer service call center in order to get double-digit response rates – DM News
Companies spanning all industries and sizes are hurting their company image and credibility with their customers due to poor customer care experiences.

NEWS AND ARTICLESHow to Improve Your Customer Service Call Center So You Can Achieve Double-Digit Response Rates – Business Informer
Poor Customer Service is Not Company or Industry Specific

NEWS AND ARTICLES"Relationship Marketing Expert Ernan Roman Introduces 7-Point Customer Service Bill of Rights – Yahoo News
A recent national survey conducted by Ernan Roman Direct Marketing has generated important findings which quantify the significant damage resulting from poor Customer Service Call Center experiences.

NEWS AND ARTICLES"Five tips for achieving consistent double-digit response rates with opt-in and multichannel marketing – BtoB Straight Line
Five tips to ensure your opt-in and multichannel marketing success

NEWS AND ARTICLES"How Good is Your Customer Service?" - Target Marketing magazine
Take the Test: Customer Service Best Practices Revealed.

NEWS AND ARTICLES"Tips for Holiday Friendly Call Centers - CRM Today
Features Industry Tips for Holiday-Friendly Call Centers.

NEWS AND ARTICLES"Making Companies Pay for Bad Service"
Washington Post Article

NEWS AND ARTICLES"More Customer Service Heartbreak" – DM News

NEWS AND ARTICLES"How To Keep Them Opted In?"- Direct Newsline
Want to hold on to your opt-ins? Then respect their channel preferences and learn how to take no for an answer.

NEWS AND ARTICLES"Poor Customer Care Center Experiences Hurt Company
Image and Customer Trust"- DM News

Findings include:

  • 66% of recent experiences are negative to neutral
  • Negative experiences result in:
    • 95% negative perception of the company
    • 86% reduction in repeat purchase likelihood
    • 83% reduction in likelihood to recommend the company

NEWS AND ARTICLES"Five Questions: Ernan Roman on Customer Care Call Centers":- DMA Bottom Line
Provocative discussion with the DMA Bottom Line newsletter regarding the short comings of many of today's call centers.

NEWS AND ARTICLES"The Role of Direct Mail Within the Integrated Media Mix"- United States Postal Service
An important white paper written for the United States Postal Service.

NEWS AND ARTICLES"Five Questions: Ernan Roman on Opt-In Marketing"- DMA Bottom Line

From the DMA Bottom Line newsletter Ernan addresses 5 key questions regarding Consensual / Opt-In Marketing:

  1. What is the Consensual Marketing Opt-In Process?
  2. How is this different than Permission Marketing?
  3. How is this different than Customer Relationship Management?
  4. What are the advantages to marketers?
  5. What are the results?

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